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Our mission is to inspire young minds by providing quality teaching and training that supports children in mastering life-long skills and enjoyment in literacy and numeracy.

What do we do?

“Everything we do is about giving children life chances… we are determined to reach out to support as many pupils as possible who may need help”

Jayne Lacny Director Quest for Learning

Quest for Learning is a teaching and training education charity based in Oxford. Through our teaching, we inspire young minds struggling with literacy and numeracy. Working within schools, our dynamic, specially designed individual and group programmes extend and grow children’s confidence and skills. Through our national training courses, we offer professional development opportunities to empower teachers and teaching assistants to keep their educational practice up-to-date and inspiring for the young people they work with. We were formerly known as Reading Quest; our new name now reflects the broader nature of our work and aims.

Upcoming courses

Thursday 10th January

Harwell, Didcot

Thursday 10th January

Harwell, Didcot

Thursday 17th January

Harwell, Didcot

Wednesday 30th January

Harwell, Didcot

Thursday 7th February



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