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Our brand new programme: QUEST WILD!

Thursday, March 22, 2018


It is common knowledge that children today spend less time outside and are less knowledgeable about native wildlife than any preceding generation.  Crucially, research shows that those children who are most lacking in contact with the natural world are very often the same children who struggle to learn effectively at school.

We are therefore very excited to launch our new programme, Quest Wild. Building on over twenty years’ experience of providing successful interventions in primary schools, helping children who are disengaged with their learning to gain confidence, build self-esteem and keep pace with their peers. Quest Wild will provide children with the same guaranteed learning gains, whilst also opening their eyes to the wonders of the natural world and providing opportunities outside the classroom to experience nature first-hand.

The aims of the new programme are threefold:

  • Quest Wild will boost attainment levels, providing at least the same levels of gain as our existing programmes, BookQuest and Reading Quest, where children make on average 15 months progress in reading accuracy and 9 months in spelling (Reading Quest) and 17 months in reading comprehension and 10 months in reading accuracy (BookQuest) over a six week period.
  • Quest Wild will introduce children to the fascinating world of plants, wildlife and the wider environment through carefully chosen, high quality picture books to share in sessions along with associated activities to complete at home.   All the texts have been extensively researched and trialled in the classroom.
  • Quest Wild will provide opportunities for groups, schools and families to explore the wonders of nature in a host of exciting and interactive ways. The programme is supported by a library of Wild Family Packs which include books, games, artefacts, suggested activities and local walks. We are also in the process of developing opportunities for class/family visits to partner organisations and/or outreach visits to the school if desired. We will be updating the website as these are confirmed.

The anticipated long term benefit of introducing a Wild theme to our work in schools is to give young people (and their families) a chance to enjoy better mental health and wellbeing through regular contact with nature, as well as to create a generation of responsible, educated citizens who are able to understand the forces which threaten the wider environment, ensuring the wonders of the natural world that they have discovered are still intact for future generations.  


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