John Foster


John grew up in a village outside Carlisle. As he didn’t have a TV, he read a lot and so began a passion that remains with him today. After university in Oxford, he became a teacher and taught English for 20 years in schools in Oxfordshire, before becoming a full-time writer.

He loved poetry and when given the opportunity to compile a series of children’s poetry books, he jumped at the chance. He has been compiling poetry anthologies ever since along with his own books of poetry and text books for schools.

John has been an amazing supporter of Quest for Learning for many years and the charity values his kindness, warmth as well as his superb humour.

John says, “I am delighted to become a Reading Ambassador for Quest for Learning, which through its intensive focus helps young children, who are struggling to learn to read, to overcome their difficulties. In this technological age, being able to read is as important as ever. Navigating the web and accessing and retrieving information depends on a person’s ability to read. “Once children are able to read, they are able also to enjoy the wonderful range of children’s literature that is available and thus to explore the world. Reading fuels the imagination and helps us to learn how others think and feel. The work Quest for Learning does is invaluable. It gives youngsters who are in danger of falling behind the skills they need in order to develop their potential to the full.