Tony Ross


Tony is a much loved author and illustrator and his works are well known to staff at Quest for Learning as well as to the thousands of children we have supported.

Tony was born in London in 1938 and grew up with dreams of becoming a cowboy. However, when John Wayne failed to answer his letter of application, he went on to study at the Liverpool School of Art and undertook many jobs in the illustrating industry including Art Director at an advertising agency, Senior Lecturer in Art at Manchester Polytechnic University and Cartoonist for Punch magazine.

Tony has illustrated over 800 children’s books, most notably the Horrid Henry series. He also finds time to write his own books with The Little Princess stories being among Reading Quest favourites.

In becoming a Reading Ambassador, Tony says, “Whenever I see a kid buried in a book, I feel that I am looking at something special, I feel that kid knows something that nobody else does, and that he or she has no boundaries, and one day will do things that will amaze us all.”