Current Vacancies

New Trustees 

Do you want to make a difference to the future of Oxfordshire children? Could you commit five hours a month on average?  

We’re looking for up to three new people to join our friendly and committed Board of Trustees to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the charity, helping to ensure we’re meeting our legal and regulatory obligations, staying aligned with our strategic aims and priorities, and continuing to grow and develop. 

In order to complement the strengths and experience of our current trustees we’re looking for people who:   

  • Have a professional background in education (ideally primary education), such as being/having been a teacher, school leader, Local Authority officer, policy or research professional, or academic in a relevant field.   
  • OR are well-connected in Oxfordshire (especially in respect of local businesses) and can use their existing networks to help us build connections, raise our profile, and identify relevant opportunities.   
  • OR have lived experience of struggling with reading and/or maths at school. 

If this sounds like you, download the role pack here for more information and email to register your interest. 

Please note: As part of our commitment to making sure safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do, candidates for our trustee positions will need to go through our robust safer recruitment processes. 

Tutor Vacancies

We’re not currently recruiting for new tutors, however, we’re always keen to hear from people who are interested in joining our team. If you’d like us to keep your CV on file, or you have any questions about the role, please do drop us an email at

Quest for Learning is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing and welfare of children and young people and requires all individuals who are associated with the Charity, including all Trustees, employees, and volunteers, to share this commitment. Importance is placed by Quest for Learning on rigorous selection processes.

Would you like to join our team?

Quest for Learning is a small charity working across Oxfordshire to change children’s lives through our literacy and numeracy programmes. Every year, we work with hundreds of children in primary schools and we are always keen to talk to education professionals who share our passion and vision.

To find out what’s it’s like to work with us, take a look at our short video and if you’d like to get in touch, do drop us a line

Working for Quest for Learning

As a Quest for Learning tutor, you will usually teach just one of our programmes – ReadingQuest, BookQuest or NumSkills. The way we organise the tutoring is very similar for everyone, but there are some differences which you can see below under the programme headings.

Whichever programme you are teaching, as a Quest for Learning tutor you will:

  • be allocated to a partner school where you will usually work for the full academic year.
  • receive full training in your chosen programme. You will be paid for this training.
  • typically teach three teaching blocks throughout the academic year. Each teaching block is nine or ten weeks (depending on which programme you are delivering – see below). You will deliver one teaching block per term, so there is often some flexibility for working patterns within the term.
  • be paid £20.70 per hour. You are paid for face-to-face teaching time and in addition, you will be paid for a pre-agreed amount of planning, report writing and tutor CPD. A holiday allowance is included in your pay.
  • be invited to half-termly tutor meetings. This provides an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas and meet the rest of the tutor and teaching team.
  • be provided with a programme handbook and all the resources you will need to deliver the programme.
  • be supported by the Quest for Learning teaching team.
  • have access to The Education Support Employee Assistance Programme.


As a ReadingQuest tutor you will:

  • work with KS1 and Year 3 children to develop reading fluency.
  • usually work 1:2, teaching four groups per 10 week teaching block. Each group will be taught three times a week in 30 minute sessions.
  • typically teach 6 hours face-to-face per week across three afternoons.
  • be paid an additional 2-3 hours of planning and report writing time per week.

As a BookQuest tutor you will:

  • work with KS2 children to develop comprehension skills.
  • usually work 1:3, teaching three groups per 10 week teaching block. Each group will be taught twice a week in 45 minute sessions.
  • typically teach 4.5 hours face-to-face per week across two afternoons.
  • be paid an additional 1-2 hours of planning and report writing time per week.

As a NumSkills tutor you will:

  • work with KS2 children to develop confidence and fluency in mental maths.
  • usually work 1:4, teaching three groups per 9 week teaching block. Each group will be taught twice a week in 30 minute sessions.
  • typically teach 3 hours face-to-face per week across two afternoons.
  • be paid an additional 1-2 hours of planning and report writing time per week.

Freqently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a qualified teacher to become a QFL tutor?

Most of our tutors are experienced primary school teachers with a PGCE or equivalent. However, if you are a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, or have other recent and relevant teaching experience in a primary setting, we would love to hear from you.

Will I be working online?

No. All our sessions are designed to be delivered in schools, within school hours. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we do have an online contingency plan, but this will be only be used when no other options are available to us.

Will I be working in one school or in different schools?

You will be working in one school for an allotted number of weeks (nine or ten, depending on which programme) per long term, in which time you will deliver 15 hours of tutoring per group. The number of groups will vary from school to school, but typically our tutors work two or three afternoons a week.

Our tutors are allocated to the same school (or schools) for the full academic year wherever possible. Where we can, we will always try and place you in a school which is convenient for you. Timings of sessions are agreed in consultation with yourself, the school and the Quest for Learning team.

What training do you provide?

All new tutors are fully trained in our programmes before starting in school, and we will pay you for this time. Usually, our tutors deliver just one programme. Our friendly and approachable Teaching Team are always on hand to provide ongoing support throughout the contract. In addition, there are termly tutor meetings where issues can be raised and best practice shared with other tutors.